Expansion of the Port of Barcelona

Since 1998, when the plant in the Port of Barcelona started out, 13.5 million tonnes of rubble and 17.3 million tonnes of earth (a total of 30.8M tonnes of construction and demolition rubble) have been taken there through different jointly-owned companies, the current one being Gestió de Terres i Runes, AIE.

The plant processes everything that comes in, classifying, cleaning and recycling the construction and demolition rubble for re-use as raw material on different building sites in the port facilities. The plant has become a landmark as the destination for the bulk of the rubble generated by construction and demolition work in the metropolitan area around Barcelona.
The recycling plant turns the waste into a high-quality recycled aggregate, at the same time making a significant contribution to the growth and expansion of the Port of Barcelona.

Research & Development & Innovation (RDI)
The plant is highly active in research and innovation in the area of new materials made from recycled construction waste, and the different applications and uses to which they can be put in the building industry. This is one of the ways of prolonging the life cycle of the raw materials contained in the waste and of putting them back into construction work.

Gestora de Runes de la Construcció, S.A.
Tel: 93 414 74 88 – 93 202 16 26

C Nàpols, 222-224, bx
08013 Barcelona