Legal notice

This is a Legal Notice governing the conditions of use to be observed and obeyed by users of this website. You are asked to read it carefully as by accessing it you agree to the conditions set forth herein.

1.- Information in accordance with the LSSI

For the purposes of the provisions of article 10 of the information society services and e-commerce act (LSSI), Law 34/2002 of 11th July 2002, users of this website are informed that its owner is GESTORA DE RUNES DE LA CONSTRUCCIÓ, S.A. (hereinafter GRC), domiciled at Carrer Nàpols, 222-224, baixos (08013) Barcelona, with tax no. A-60.715.901 and entered in the Barcelona Companies Register, protocol 5062, sheet 23, volume 28000, sheet B- 127230, 1st entry. The company’s email address is:

2.- Conditions of use of the website

The user undertakes to make diligent use of the website and the services accessible through it and not to use the services or information contained on the website to engage in activities that contravene the law, morals and decency, public order and, in general, to use it in accordance with this Legal Notice.

GRC may, at its own discretion, suspend access to the website and suspend provision of any or all of the services offered on the site at any time, without prior notice.

Furthermore, GRC reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the website by any user who breaches the conditions of use set forth in this Legal Notice, with no prior warning required.

The contents of the website, in particular the information on it, do not represent a binding offer unless explicitly stated otherwise. In the event that GRC provides any kind of special service or runs any promotion or special offer through this website, the specific conditions governing them will be set forth therein and the application of these conditions will take precedence over the conditions of use and other provisions set forth in this Legal Notice, in the event of any incongruence or incompatibility between them.

3.- Disclaimer

GRC is free from any liability for any decision taken by a user as a consequence of the information contained on this website.

Furthermore, GRC declines all responsibility for any information not prepared or published by it under its own name, and any responsibility arising from incorrect use of the content, and reserves the right to update it, delete it, restrict it or block access to it, either temporarily or permanently.

Nor will GRC be liable for any information or other content included in third-party websites or pages accessible through the GRC website through any means including links, or for information and other content included on third-party websites or pages from which the GRC website can be accessed.

Despite taking all necessary precautions to provide up-to-date, accurate information on our website, GRC cannot guarantee the rigour or currency of all the information published, or the non-existence of errors or omissions, and users must be aware that the information to which they have access is supplied on the conditions listed in this Legal Notice, without any guarantee that it is accurate and up-to-date.

Likewise, GRC cannot guarantee the continuous functioning of its website, or that it will be operative and available at all times. Consequently, GRC takes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages, including damage to information systems and the introduction of viruses from the web that might result from the Internet browsing necessary to use this website.

4.- Users’ obligations

The user will be liable for any damages suffered by GRC as a consequence of any breach of the obligations set forth in this Legal Notice.

As regards browsing, the user undertakes to follow, diligently and faithfully, any recommendations GRC might make concerning the use of the website, which will be published on the site.

5.- Intellectual property rights

GRC is the owner or licensee, as appropriate, of the intellectual and industrial property rights to all the contents of this website, including the description of services, text, images, photographs, videos, designs, trademarks and logos, and the structure, selection, ordering and presentation of its contents, which are protected by Spanish and international laws on Intellectual and Industrial Property.

Under no circumstances does this website imply any kind of waiver, transfer or grant, either total or partial, of the rights conferred by Spanish and international legislation on Intellectual and Industrial Property.

All reproduction, copying, use, distribution, re-use, exploitation, making second copies, sending by mail, transmission, modification, granting or any other action in respect of all or part of the information contained on this website is prohibited unless it has been explicitly authorised by GRC.

The user undertakes to make diligent, correct and licit use of the contents of the website, and in particular undertakes to refrain from deleting, avoiding or tampering with the copyright and other data identifying the rights of GRC or their owners which are included in the content, and with any technical means of protection or any other information mechanism that might be included in the site’s contents. Furthermore, the user will refrain from using the contents, and in particular information of any kind obtained through the website, to send advertising, communications for commercial purposes or unsolicited messages to groups of people, regardless of their purpose, or to market or divulge this information in any way.

The website has a domain registered by GRC and may not be used, except with explicit, prior authorisation, in connection with other services not provided by GRC in any way that might cause confusion among its clients or users or discredit GRC.

In this respect, people wishing to establish a link between their website and this one must first ask GRC for explicit written permission. Grant of such authorisation will not imply any relationship between GRC and the owner of the site where the link is made, or approval or acceptance by GRC of its contents or services.

Any tampering or alteration of this website is prohibited without the prior consent of GRC. Consequently, GRC accepts no liability arising or which might arise from any such alteration or tampering by third parties.

6.- Privacy

While browsing this website the user may be able to – or have to – supply certain data of a personal nature, which GRC will process according to the terms described in its “PRIVACY POLICY”, which forms part of this Legal Notice through the reference in this section.

7.- Term and modification

GRC will be entitled to unilaterally alter, either wholly or in part, the terms and conditions stipulated here.

The validity of this Legal Notice therefore coincides with the time it is posted until it is modified, either wholly or in part, by GRC.

GRC may unilaterally terminate, suspend or interrupt the effectiveness of this website, in which case the user will not be entitled to ask for any compensation.

8.- Legislation and Jurisdiction

This Legal Notice is governed by Spanish legislation.

Users and GRC explicitly waive their own jurisdictions and submit all interpretations or conflicts that might arise in relation to this Legal Notice to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona.

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