Environmental restoration of the locality of Tudela, Cap de Creus

The environmental restoration of the locality of Tudela, affected by the Club Méditerranée holiday development at Cap de Creus, consisted of the demolition and total elimination of the existing buildings and facilities and the environmental restoration of the site and its surroundings.

This project, a pioneer on the Mediterranean coast, recycled and re-used over 50% of the 40,000 m3 of rubble generated by the demolition of the former holiday village on the same site. Like this, transporting the waste and the resulting environmental impact were avoided as far as possible on this unique site.

The landscape reclamation of this nature reserve is one of the flagship projects carried out by Gestora de Runes. The comprehensive restoration of a whole area to its original natural state before being built on was a great success which has been widely praised for its enormous environmental value.

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